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A Spider that can bite

INTEREST rates are rubbish, the Stock Market’s a gamble and the nest-egg that was going to give you a steady little income into your dotage has reneged on the deal. So where do you put your savings? The clever money, we are assured by the financial experts, is being invested in things – not things … Continue reading

Culture calling

(Published in 2007) Theatre, modern art, sculpture – Chichester has plenty to offer   IN the competitive world of culture, the compact cathedral city of Chichester punches well above its weight, but that achievement can be as much a challenge as a cause for pride. With a population of just 25,000, it needs to promote … Continue reading

Town or country?

Pros and cons of contrasting lifestyles     (Originally published 2007) TOWN or country? Which offers a better quality of life in 21st century Britain? It’s a question with a thousand answers as so much depends on which town, which village and, perhaps most of all, what sort of person you are. Research has shown … Continue reading


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