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Bright and breezy on the Dorset coast

A bright and blustery Sunday morning on the beach at Sandbanks, Dorset. Advertisements

So many heartfelt ways to say thank you

Originally posted on Rosie Staal:
? A surprising discovery in Sicily There are quite a lot of sights, when you’re in Italy, that cause you to break step, do a second take, shake your head and shrug before moving on, with the vision playing through your head long after. My visit to the Shrine of…

A little Norman gem in Dorset

                            ONE of Dorset’s smallest but most historic buildings is a tiny chapel that dates back to Norman times. St Andrew’s Church, in the little-known hamlet of Winterborne Tomson, near Blandford, was built of flint and stone early in the 12th century … Continue reading

Out of sight: an important piece of history

Originally posted on Rosie Staal:
It is hard to believe that under this depressing mound of litter lies an important historical site. There, buried under the grime and grot, is nothing less than the late-Roman tomb of a wealthy Christian family, dating from around 400 AD, containing two sarcophagi and decorated with frescoes of roses,…


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