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Liverpool aim to make history

SUCH is the momentum powering Liverpool forward, their first championship title in 24 years seems almost pre-ordained.

Their astonishing run of 10 straight wins and the scintillating style with which they have been accomplished have built an impetus that looks unstoppable.

Fuelled by a wave of raw emotion surrounding the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, they came through their sternest challenge when they overcame previous favourites Manchester City at a supercharged Anfield on Sunday.

It seems as if fate has decreed that Brendan Rodgers’s team are going to come out on top at the end of the most thrilling Premier League title race in years. If they extend their winning run by four more games, they’ll be champions.

That’s the outcome hoped for by many neutrals, who have been captivated by Liverpool’s attacking brio and appreciative of their stunning and unexpected revival that has confounded the pundits and the odds-makers.

Media hype has transformed captain Steven Gerrard into some sort of messiah, while Liverpool have been rather fancifully portrayed as impoverished aristocrats turning back the clock to stand up to the financial might of Manchester City and Chelsea.

But Rodgers, Gerrard and the rest would do well to remember that football has a deeply ingrained habit of kicking you in the teeth and making nonsense of the form books.

The Reds were promptly installed as championship favourites after Sunday’s win, but while their run-in looks straightforward enough, they know there is one big explosive fixture that could still wreck the dream: Chelsea are due at Anfield on 27th April.

The Londoners floored Manchester City with a masterclass at the Etihad a few weeks ago. With the history of rivalry between Chelsea and Liverpool, there is nothing Blues fans would love more than to spike Liverpool’s guns. The irony is that, if Chelsea should win, it may hand the crown to City.

There could be many twists and turns as the long race enters its final stretch but whether or not Liverpool go the distance, their renaissance has brought a refreshing new dimension to the summit of the English game.

It almost slipped under the radar that the FA Cup semi-finals were also staged at the weekend. Arsenal stumbled into the final and, for the first time in their history, Hull City booked the other slot. When they choose manager of the season, Steve Bruce merits consideration.



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