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Twists and turns in the relegation dogfight

FAR away from the banner headlines charting David Moyes’s sacking and Jose Mourinho’s latest sulk, the teams more concerned with losing their place in the world’s most lucrative league are providing plenty of drama. While Liverpool’s extraordinary surge is bringing clarity to the top of the Premier League table, the situation at the other end … Continue reading

Wareham Forest

AFTER leaving the town of Wareham, we decided to stop off for a while and explore Wareham Forest, the magnificent site of open heathland and conifer plantation alongside the A35 between Dorchester and Poole. The site is overseen by the Forestry Commission for conservation and recreation, and provides a home for Sika deer, the Dartford … Continue reading

Wareham: gateway to Purbeck

WAREHAM is proud to be known as the gateway to Purbeck and it made a pleasant destination for a stroll on a sunny Easter Monday afternoon. An ancient town and former royal borough, Wareham’s history stretches back almost 2,000 years. It flourished in Saxon times and was a strategic stronghold for King Alfred the Great. … Continue reading

Pimperne long barrow

THE longest long barrow in Dorset – and probably England – is located a few miles out of Blandford just off the Salisbury road. The Pimperne barrow is 330 feet long, 90 feet wide and rises to 10 feet high. It is thought to date from between 3500 and 4000 BC. The long earthen mound … Continue reading

Liverpool aim to make history

SUCH is the momentum powering Liverpool forward, their first championship title in 24 years seems almost pre-ordained. Their astonishing run of 10 straight wins and the scintillating style with which they have been accomplished have built an impetus that looks unstoppable. Fuelled by a wave of raw emotion surrounding the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough … Continue reading

Cricket cries out for a fresh start

ENGLISH cricket has a long, steep road ahead before it can even begin to earn public forgiveness. The game, at international level, is crying out for a fresh start. For many, the events of the past few months, especially the Ashes tour, are still too raw and painful to recall. Some of those memories came … Continue reading

Liverpool back on their perch

LIVERPOOL’S exciting pursuit of the Premier League title at precisely the same time as Manchester United are in meltdown represents an extraordinary degree of sporting symmetry. When Sir Alex Ferguson became manager of relegation-threatened United in 1986, his expletive-sprinkled declared goal was to knock Liverpool ‘off their perch’ and end their years of domination. Liverpool … Continue reading


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