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Refs need a better approach

YET another monumental lash-up by a Premier League referee stole the weekend spotlight when all the focus should have been on some spectacular football. Instead of rhapsodising about Chelsea’s stunning 6-0 win over Arsenal or Liverpool’s 6-3 victory at Cardiff, the headlines were hijacked by Andre Marriner. The official managed to send off the wrong … Continue reading

A vintage season despite United’s collapse

THE slow-motion car crash that is Manchester United’s desperate season has obsessed keen Premier League observers but is really only a sub-plot to what has become the most exciting title race for many years. The champions’ demise has been as dramatic as it has been sudden, and while most people expected a blip in their … Continue reading

Sicily: a land of many faces

SICILY, eh? One minute it can make you smile, the next it makes you want to weep. It all depends on which of Sicily’s many faces you’re seeing. Five minutes spent in its crazy capital Palermo and you’re mourning the neglect of its glorious palazzi and the poverty that confronts you on all sides. Escape … Continue reading

Bright future beckons Lancaster’s England

ENGLAND’S few minutes of lost focus that turned probable victory in Paris into unmerited defeat may also end up costing them the Six Nations title and grand slam. If France maintain the unimpressive form that they have displayed in the six weeks and three matches that have passed since beating England 26-24 in that opening … Continue reading

FA must get tough on Pardew

RACISM, greed, match fixing . . . just when you think football’s image can’t sink much lower, along come Newcastle United to prove it can. The cause of the latest outrage at the Premier League’s most dysfunctional club was their manager Alan Pardew, who managed to completely upstage his successful team by head-butting Hull City … Continue reading


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