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No cup shocks – what a surprise!

THE one big shock of the FA Cup fourth round was that there were no shock results. Not a single David managed to slay a giant – in fact, none of the 16 ties produced so much as a mild surprise. And if that was a cause for dismay in some quarters – after all, … Continue reading

Winter Olympics leave me cold

NOW be honest – had you even so much as heard of Sochi a few weeks ago? Come to that, have you heard of it now? Well, Sochi is the Russian Black Sea resort which is about to find world-wide fame as a major sporting venue. Observant TV advertisement watchers will have seen its name … Continue reading

Referees in the spotlight again

ANOTHER round of scintillating Premier League fixtures, another firework display of golden goals and sporting drama – and another barrage of headlines dominated by refereeing blunders and ranting managers. Scarcely a top-level match takes place nowadays without the defeated manager berating the officials, endeavouring to convince themselves and anyone else who’s interested that their team … Continue reading

Ashes humiliation: the inquest must wait

SOMETIMES, after disaster strikes, it’s best to let the dust settle and allow some breathing space before starting the repairs; to take time to reflect and overcome the rawness of the pain. Sport, too, can be like that, which is why many cricket fans can’t yet bring themselves to conduct a full Ashes inquest or … Continue reading

Who’ll be the heroes of 2014?

THE start of a shiny new sporting year is invariably accompanied by a welter of predictions and resolutions. Among the watchers, there will be blind optimism for some, anxiety and pessimism for others, while the participants face a fresh set of challenges as they aim for new goals. By the time we roll the final … Continue reading


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