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Nine gloomy days for Sport England

SPORT’S enduring capacity to ricochet between opposite ends of the emotional spectrum was rarely better illustrated than in the space of nine eventful days. The main components of the Sport England brand – football, rugby and cricket – had been looking in pretty good nick, with optimism in the air and expectations high. And then … Continue reading

Saints set a shining example

FOR the followers of all those football clubs whose best days seem to be fading into memory and who can see nothing ahead but decline, a beacon of hope is blazing on the south coast. Southampton, a famous old club that flirted with oblivion only a few short years ago, stand now as an inspiration … Continue reading

Premier League most unpredictable for years

AS football’s international break allows the Premier League another brief respite, it also offers an opportunity to take stock. The season is now 11 games old and the leading candidates have shown their hands. The composition of the top eight teams comes as no great surprise but the order in which the current league table … Continue reading

England throw down the gauntlet

WITH the Rugby World Cup still almost two years away, it may seem a touch premature to be discussing the prospects of the main contenders but plenty are regarding the current clutch of autumn internationals as the start of the countdown. It’s hardly a rash prediction to say that the southern hemisphere giants of Australia, … Continue reading


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