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Vettel seeks a place among the legends

IT’S never quite enough for our sporting superstars to simply be the best of their era – to achieve legendary status, they have to be better than yesterday’s heroes too. It is, of course, an impossible game to play, comparing the merits of modern-day champions with those of years gone by, whose exploits and achievements … Continue reading

Football loonies find a dangerous new trick

NUTCASES have always lurked on football’s fringes, ever sniffing around for something new to demonstrate their stupidity to the world. Sometimes it’s hurling coins or lighters on to the pitch, or the foulest of insults at an opposition player. The super-thick grab their moment of infamy by running on to the field to disrupt the … Continue reading

Where did that come from, England?

START digging out the flags and booking the armchair space: after putting us all through 13 months of torture and uncertainty, England have booked their place in next summer’s World Cup Finals in Brazil. A goal apiece from Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard proved enough to see off Poland on Tuesday night and spark an … Continue reading

England failure is not an option

ENGLAND’S task, if they want to be at world football’s ultimate festival in Brazil next year, is a straightforward one: they must win two home games against second-rate opponents in the next five days. Montenegro are Wembley’s visitors for Friday’s World Cup qualifying tie, and Poland will provide the opposition on Tuesday. England, top of … Continue reading

1984, Salisbury Playhouse

IT’S arguable whether George Orwell’s most revered book can really work on the stage, but there’s no doubt this adaptation at Salisbury Playhouse succeeded in capturing much of the raw power of the story. Orwell’s chilling version of a dystopian future was written in 1948 and now projects haunting echoes of Soviet era secret police; … Continue reading

Mike Gatting goes respectable!

INSTALLING Mike Gatting as president of the MCC, the very epitome of the cricket establishment, might seem a bit like putting Luis Suarez in charge of football discipline. Gatting, remember, for all his brilliance with a bat in his hand, was a fiery and combative character often embroiled in controversy during a long playing career. … Continue reading


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