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Armstrong brings shame on his sport

ONE great irony in the downfall of Lance Armstrong was that he was the man who did more than anyone to make cycling a truly global sport and he has now done more than anyone to harm it. The world has watched his life and extraordinary deeds unravel. The legend has been destroyed. The fightback … Continue reading

Football is betraying its roots

IF ever there was evidence that football, our national game, has drifted away from the true fan, it was graphically provided by supporters of the Premier League champions, Manchester City. Their team’s match at Arsenal on Sunday was an attractive enough fixture to persuade Sky to show it live, yet City returned no fewer than … Continue reading

Boateng protest may prove a pivotal moment

THE decision by Kevin-Prince Boateng to walk off the pitch when faced with a barrage of racial abuse may turn out to be merely a small flashpoint, soon to be forgotten amid football’s constant hurly-burly. Or it may come to be seen as a landmark moment when the game’s rulers finally cotton on to the … Continue reading

Is it time football took a winter break?

WE are at that midway stage of the season when the talk inevitably turns to the perennial issue of whether English football should introduce a winter break in line with most other nations. Our top players are reeling from physical and mental exhaustion and the top clubs are juggling with the inevitable injury list as … Continue reading


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