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New York – a city full of surprises

I HAD expected New York City to be an all-out assault on the senses and it was. I’d expected it to be big and noisy and colourful and exciting and it was all those things and more. But I hadn’t really expected it to be beautiful – so the Art Deco glory of many of … Continue reading

Racism issue could overshadow the good stuff

THERE is so much poison splashing around in the bloodstream of sport at the moment that the mass of good, healthy stuff is in danger of being pushed into the shadows. Football is not the only culprit but it is the biggest headline-maker right now, with racial issues to the fore: the abuse directed in … Continue reading

St George’s Park is a long overdue first step

THERE were fanfares and lavish praise when the new national football centre at St George’s Park was unveiled last week and it is clearly a resource of which the FA can be hugely proud. It is probably best then to draw a veil over the fact that it is decades later than it should have … Continue reading

A depressingly familiar tale

JUST as we feared, the rosy glow that washed over the nation in the wake of the London Olympics turned out to be no more than a mirage after all. The cleansing effect that the Olympic spirit was supposed to bring clearly escaped the attention of some of the footballers who earn their fortunes in … Continue reading

Ryder Cup: the unbelievable has become routine

IT has been hailed by some as the greatest comeback in sporting history but the European team’s extraordinary triumph in Medinah shouldn’t have surprised us. This, after all, has been the year that Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, Chelsea won the Champions League, Andy Murray won a grand slam and Mo Farah and … Continue reading


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