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Jess’s smile banishes Olympic boredom

THE Games are still two months away but already plenty of people are suffering from a severe dose of Olympic overkill. Swathes of the media seem to have abandoned all sense of proportion, gorging on every detail of the torch’s tortuous journey to east London and unable to consider that Joe Public may lose his … Continue reading

When it’s all about winning

THERE are occasions in football when there’s simply no place for the purist, when such worthy qualities as talent and justice all fly out of the window and when all that really counts is the result. Almost any Chelsea fan will agree. I confess to having been among their number since way before Roman Abramovich’s … Continue reading

Football punchline that was stranger than fiction

THE extraordinary punchline with which the Premier League brought down the curtain was arguably the most dramatic in football’s long and multi-coloured history. Only Manchester United’s European Cup mugging of Bayern Munich in Barcelona could run it close. The unfolding of Sunday’s storyline was simply sensational and has been forensically examined and re-examined ever since. … Continue reading

Venice: more beautiful than ever

THEY say that love can be sweeter the second time around and my return to Venice for a few days in April, 2012, perfectly illustrated the claim. I had fallen under its spell in May of 2000 in what was my first ever visit to Italy, but 12 years on, armed with a fair knowledge … Continue reading

Premier League must be the envy of Europe

THE Premier League entered its final week of the season with virtually every important issue still undecided. Those craving an exciting and competitive league could not ask more than that. After Sunday’s round of fixtures, the only certainty was that Wolves were going down. Four other clubs were still up to their necks in the … Continue reading

Hodgson the perfect fit for the FA

SO the bigwigs at the FA threw a dummy and fooled everybody. They stayed tight-lipped while the media banged the Harry Redknapp drum but all along they knew it was going to be Roy Hodgson. They remained stoical in the face of accusations that they were dawdling, yet the grand scheme had been to bide … Continue reading

Floods at Blandford – April/May 2012

THE wettest April for more than 100 years brought flooding to much of England and Blandford was not spared. The River Stour burst its banks: the watermeadows did their job but half the town centre’s Marsh and Ham car park was deluged, with the floodgates closed. These pictures were taken on Tuesday May 1 after … Continue reading


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