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Manchester clubs entertain with their war of words

WHAT splendid entertainment is being generated by the two Manchester clubs vying for supremacy at the top of the Premier League. While events on the pitch have often produced rather modest fare, the mind games in which both camps are indulging are certainly raising the temperature. City and United have been taking turns to fling … Continue reading

Premier League at a decisive phase

WE seem to have hit a decisive phase in the story of this season’s Premier League and suddenly the whole picture has begun to change. In the space of three or four fixtures, we are looking at a dramatically different scenario in the title race, the chase for a European spot and the relegation zone. … Continue reading

Lancaster has earned the England job

THE RFU should scratch out the word ‘interim’ from Stuart Lancaster’s job description without delay and appoint him as England’s permanent coach. After being handed a bagful of broken parts following Martin Johnson’s resignation in the wake of the World Cup flop, Lancaster has so greatly exceeded all expectations that it would be a travesty … Continue reading

Football sense kicked into touch again

YOU have to wonder sometimes how it is that people who have been highly successful in life can suddenly become utterly brainless when they assume positions of influence in football. Take Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, Russian oligarch and friend of Vladimir Putin. Whatever his personal qualities or weaknesses, he showed sufficient judgement to accrue … Continue reading

Reds need to keep cup win in perspective

A SENSE of perspective is a quality seldom seen in football and its absence was graphically shown in the aftermath of Liverpool’s Carling Cup win on Sunday. To listen to the comments and read the reports, anyone would think the Reds had just lifted the European Cup and the Premier League title rolled into one. … Continue reading


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