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A February walk on Hambledon Hill


Boxing shamed by brawl

THE sport of boxing has for years been fighting to project an image of respectability in the face of some formidable opposition. While critics from medical bodies, pressure groups and the general public have labelled it barbaric, brutal and out of place in modern society, supporters have kept the sport afloat by emphasising the positives. … Continue reading

The two faces of Latin America

THE flair of South Americans has long been part of football folklore, their legendary unpredictability making them among the game’s most prized assets. But all too often they have arrived with unwanted baggage – and two of the most high-profile bag carriers have been hogging the headlines again this week. Between them the Uruguayan Luis … Continue reading

A match to take the spotlight back from the courtroom

COURT cases may have dominated the football landscape this past week or so but finally an actual match reminded us why the game continues to be so utterly compelling. The trial of Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric on charges of tax evasion, and the forthcoming case against John Terry, accused of making racist comments, have … Continue reading

Defeat comes in different forms

DEFEATS in sport come in many shapes and guises: tennis and cricket provide graphic illustrations of the opposite ends of the spectrum. Filed under the heading ‘heroic’ was Andy Murray’s five-set loss to world number one Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals of the Australian Open in Melbourne. Let no-one dare call Murray a loser after … Continue reading


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