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Football would be better without Balotelli

ENGLISH football does not need Mario Balotelli and our game would be healthier without him. He is not a brilliant maverick, a wayward genius in need of understanding and indulgence. He is a repellent, yobbish egomaniac and the sooner his employers at Manchester City pack him off back to Italy the better. Their manager Roberto … Continue reading

Integrity of cricket is under threat

HOW many promising careers will have to be wrecked and reputations destroyed before the poison of corruption is flushed from the game of cricket? The conviction of former Essex all-rounder Mervyn Westfield for pocketing a £6,000 bribe for spot-fixing casts serious doubt over the integrity of the game in this country. Any complacency that might … Continue reading

Walking on the North Dorset Trailway, January 2012

Manchester clash revives Cup’s appeal

IF the image and appeal of the FA Cup was in need of a bit of spit and polish, it certainly got it from a third round weekend brimming with all the necessary ingredients. And many of the elements that have made this stage of the competition such a crowd-puller down the years were encapsulated … Continue reading

Farewell to a galaxy of sports stars

EVERY year brings a death toll, of course, but the world of sport seemed to suffer particularly heavy losses during 2011. Often there is scarcely an opportunity to mourn and reflect a significant passing before the frenetic pace of modern life intrudes and distracts. The calendar’s milestones such as the turn of a year provide … Continue reading


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