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Don’t jump the gun on the Premier League crown

THE fall-out from Sunday’s explosive encounter at Old Trafford has smouldered all week, fuelled by the predictable hype and hysteria on all sides. Manchester City’s 6-1 win was an even more astonishing scoreline than Arsenal’s 8-2 defeat on the same grass a few weeks ago and the reaction has, if anything, been even more extreme. … Continue reading

Tragedy highlights IndyCar safety shortcomings

HARD though it may be to believe now, it’s not so many years ago that the death of a top racing driver in some horrific fireball was almost commonplace. So many of Formula One’s greatest stars were wiped out that there were often calls for the sport to be banned due to its appalling safety … Continue reading

England’s rugby flops dispel a myth

IF there was one thing that England’s World Cup rugby players succeeded in achieving during their ill-fated stay in New Zealand, it was to explode once and for all the long-held myth that rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen. There were all too few English gentlemen carrying the hopes of their nation, and … Continue reading

Studland Peninsula

October 2011: Studland Bay, Poole Bay, Shell Beach

For every Tevez there’s a Lampard

THE world and his wife have had their say about the Carlos Tevez Affair and condemnation of his behaviour has been all but unanimous. Rightly, Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has been engulfed by the backing of fellow managers, supporters, critics, distinguished former players and administrators. The Argentine striker’s behaviour in, allegedly, refusing to play … Continue reading

Isle of Portland

Views of Blandford Forum

Hambledon Hill

Maiden Castle, Dorchester

Kingston Lacy


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