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A cruel rule that should be changed

YOU could be forgiven for thinking that the sport of athletics had shot itself in the foot so many times in its recent drug-riddled years that it had learnt its lessons. But to have introduced a zero-tolerance rule under which one false start means instant disqualification for the culprit is as crazy as it is … Continue reading

Wenger feeling the strain

TO say that Arsène Wenger has worn a haunted look of late would be something of an understatement. The Frenchman, accustomed to being showered with praise during his glory-filled years as Arsenal manager, has had to experience the other side of the coin. After five years without a piece of silverware to put in the … Continue reading

England supremacy in double-quick time

AS we revel in the thrill of seeing England’s cricketers newly enthroned at the summit of the game, it is hard to believe that it is barely two years ago that they were a laughing stock. Captain Kevin Pietersen and head coach Peter Moores had both been deposed after a public falling-out, England were getting … Continue reading

Football’s back with a bang

MOVE over, cricket. Stand back, rugby. Football’s back among us and the Premier League is about to take centre stage and kick everything else to the margins. We can assail it with criticism for its vulgarity, its obscene wealth, its dubious ethics and plenty more, but the fact remains that, as an out-and-out multi-faceted entertainment … Continue reading

India – a village team in disguise?

A BUNCH of village green cricketers have been trying to pass themselves off as the Indian tourist team, the number one Test side in the world. How absurd that they thought they could fool us! That’s the only conclusion to be drawn after the way they were annihilated by England in the second Test at … Continue reading

A Pope called Cindy

“Soddit!,” said the new Pope. “I’ve only gone and bust another fingernail on this sash window, ain’ I? That’s two months’ growing down the pan. I’ll have to get me bleedin’ falsies out again.” “For gawd’s sake, Mum. How many more times? You have to move the clips first, then get hold of the window … Continue reading

The Shah Jahan restaurant at Salisbury

(Article originally published in January 2009). The Shah Jahan ● 111-113 South Western Road ● Salisbury ● SP2 7RR 01722 328120 or 01722 335992 ● http://www.theshahjahan.com YOU can’t beat the good old traditions when it comes to the festive season – so what better way to celebrate than with a good curry? It’s as much … Continue reading


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